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We offer a holistic, collaborative approach to building a continuum of care for individuals and communities affected by trauma.

We therefore provide direct trauma care and counseling, deliver professional caregiver training, established and manage the Gaza envelope Resilience Centers, deploy regional emergency preparedness programs and respond to crises worldwide by offering emergency services, rehabilitation and training.

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From programs to practical advice to news updates, our blog gives you a look behind the scenes at what we are doing every day to provide trauma care and build resilience in Israel and around the world.

ITC Conference: North, South, and Everything in Between – Learning Together

December 28, 2015

The Israel Trauma Coalition (ITC) is convening its first conference today, December 28, 2015, dedicated to studying the past and preparing for the future. The ITC, its member organizations and professionals in the Gaza Envelope have accumulated a great deal of knowledge and experience, specializing in emergency preparedness, trauma and resilience. Speakers: Talia Levanon, ITC…

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The Future of Resilience in Paris – An Interview with Prof. Mooli Lahad

November 23, 2015

Prof. Mooli Lahad, president of CSPC and member of ITC, went to France in October 2015 as part of a joint effort of ITC-OSE and JDC to create a resilience center in Paris. Following the November 13 terrorist attacks in Paris, a French reporter published this interview Prof. Lahad: “We must not get used to the…

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En Israël, les traumatismes de la guerre mieux traités,

November 23, 2015

Le Monde [French]: Recognizing that “sword in hand” is neverending here, Israelis are paying more attention to the psychological toll of trauma.

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That is why our coalition was founded. If you have any questions, want to become involved or require assistance, please reach out.