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Toulouse 2012

Toulouse 2012 (Enlarge)

Toulouse, France – Attack on Jewish School


Following the attack which occurred on March 19th at the Ozar Hatorah School in Toulouse in which 4 people, three of whom were children, were killed, the Israel Trauma Coalition together with the Jewish Agency offered their help and support to the community coping with this tragedy. Talia Levanon, executive director of ITC flew to Toulouse immediately after the attack in order to provide a first response to the community and to conduct a mapping of needs.


Culturally adapted intervention program


After this visit, ITC and the Jewish Agency in cooperation with the school administration decided to build an intervention program to respond to the needs of the school community. Between the 13th and 17th of May, a team of three experienced, French-speaking, clinicians from the Coalition traveled to Toulouse to work directly with children, educational staff, school administration, and parents. Upon their arrival at the school, the clinicians identified treatment needs and laid out a detailed intervention plan in cooperation with school administrators. The project focused on providing knowledge and tools for coping with trauma through different treatment methods (art, stories, games, therapy cards, and more). The project provided the first opportunity since the attack to open up emotionally and to talk about what happened in a safe and supportive environment. Participants understood that they didn’t need to suppress their feelings and remain silent. They learned that they could talk about painful topics and still remain strong. The program was considered a success by the school administration and by the clinicians as it helped the school community return to a sense of normalcy and upgraded the ability of the school to cope with disasters.

Our Mission

The mission of the Israel Trauma Coalition (ITC) is to create a continuum of care in the trauma field, response and preparedness, by leveraging diverse resources to initiate, prioritize, and optimize services.

In the past 13 years  the ITC has proven its effectiveness in partnering with over 60 organizations including government ministries and Home Front Command to ensure a comprehensive view of the trauma field, timely delivery of needed services, resilience building at a personal, community and national level and influencing policy.