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Philippines 2014-2015

Philippines 2014-2015 (Enlarge)

In November 2013, Typhoon Haiyan tore a path of destruction over 100 miles wide through the central Philippines after making landfall early in the morning on the 8th of November local time. It brought torrential rain, winds of over 170mph and a storm surge of up to 25 feet that devastated coastal areas.


Over 14 million people where affected, including five million who have seen their homes damaged or destroyed.


Over 6000 people lost their lives.


The first JDC-ITC delegation to the Philippines in January 2014 was comprised of Mr. Ohad Aviram, ITC Director of Emergency Preparedness and Dr. Ruvi Rogel Deputy Director of CSPC.

The purpose of the mission was to identify potential local partners and build the infrastructure plan for future collaborative work designed to promote emergency response, preparedness and community resilience. The mission was very fruitful as six organizations were identified as potential partners for on-going collaboration. Needs were identified, according to the different nature of each organization, its operations, impact and location.


A second mission is currantly deployed in the Philippines.

Our Mission

The mission of the Israel Trauma Coalition (ITC) is to create a continuum of care in the trauma field, response and preparedness, by leveraging diverse resources to initiate, prioritize, and optimize services.

In the past 13 years  the ITC has proven its effectiveness in partnering with over 60 organizations including government ministries and Home Front Command to ensure a comprehensive view of the trauma field, timely delivery of needed services, resilience building at a personal, community and national level and influencing policy.