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Training for Trauma Nurse Coordinators in all Israeli Hospitals
Training for Trauma Nurse Coordinators in all Israeli Hospitals (Enlarge)

Nurses in trauma units and emergency rooms meet with people on a daily basis who are sick or injured and with their families who may be experiencing feelings of shock, tension, anxiety, distress, and sometimes even despair. In addition to providing medical treatment, these nurses are asked to offer support and encouragement, and sometimes are called upon to contain the difficult reactions of patients and their family members. Such circumstances place the role of the trauma nurse coordinator as one which in addition to managing complex tasks, also requires emotional maturity and the knowledge and skills to cope well.


Based on a needs assessment a training program was initiated by the Israel Trauma Coalition for trauma nurse coordinators. The training was carried out by ITC partner organization, Natal. The goals of the training were to support nurses in identifying sources of inner strength, to provide tools for coping with the treatment of sick patients and their families, and to create a professional network of trauma nurses for the purposes of providing ongoing collegial support and the sharing of best professional practices amongst these nurses.


The national training was held in 2011 and 22 nurses participated. In Israel there are a total of 24 trauma nurse coordinators serving in all of the hospitals in Israel.

Our Mission

The mission of the Israel Trauma Coalition (ITC) is to create a continuum of care in the trauma field, response and preparedness, by leveraging diverse resources to initiate, prioritize, and optimize services.

In the past 13 years  the ITC has proven its effectiveness in partnering with over 60 organizations including government ministries and Home Front Command to ensure a comprehensive view of the trauma field, timely delivery of needed services, resilience building at a personal, community and national level and influencing policy.