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Behind the Headlines Oct 12, 2015 - A Week of Terror


Unrest that erupted several weeks ago at Jerusalem's most sensitive holy site, The Temple Mount in the Old City, has now spread in the form of deadly border clashes with Palestinian protesters, as Israeli security forces struggle to contain a wave of Palestinian stabbing attacks against civilians and soldiers.

Clashes broke out along the Gaza border after Palestinians rolled burning tires and threw rocks at Israeli troops on the frontier. Rioters reached the security fence and hurled a grenade and rocks. They also rolled burning tires at Israeli forces, threatening to breach the fence and storm the adjacent communities.

Recent days have seen a series of attacks by young Palestinians wielding household items like kitchen knives, screwdrivers and even a vegetable peeler. The violence is raising fears that the unrest will spiral further out of control. The unpredictability and brutality of the assaults, coupled with the young age of some of the attackers, have shocked Israelis and raised fears that a new Palestinian intifada — or uprising — could be underway.

Riots across Arab towns in the North, Galilee, and the triangle area are all part of something bigger. Over the weekend, dozens of youths, some masked, set fires to tires and threw rocks at security forces in Nazareth. Multiple arrests were also reported in Sakhnin, while youths reportedly threw stones and clashed with police forces in Kfara Kanna. Women were also present among the masked youths-a new phenomenon. 
Over the weekend, an Iron Dome defense system intercepted a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip toward southern Israel's Hof Ashkelon Regional Council. It was also reported that there were several other failed attempts to launch rockets from Gaza toward Israel in addition to the intercepted rocket.

ITC Response

Sadly, this new wave of attacks appears to be the preliminary phase in an all too familiar wave of terror. Already, calls to emergency hotlines for emotional first aid are up 20%. Since many of the attacks are taking place in Jerusalem, we at the ITC, along with our partners, have already joined forces with the Jerusalem Municipality to provide trained psychologists to work with not only the families directly affected but also Old-City residents.

We are also arranging for community leaders to receive immediate and intensive training in trauma response skills and we are facilitating numerous family and first responder therapy groups. We also produced and distributed a flyer in Hebrew, Arabic and English which provides practical advice for parents instructing them how to help their children following a disaster.

As mentioned, this is just the initial phase and whilst we hope for a calming of the situation, we are also preparing a comprehensive response plan should the violence continue.

We will keep you all updated.

Terror attacks in the past month

The following is a list of major terror attacks since the Jewish New Year. This is a partial list that does not include thwarted attacks or the many instances of rock throwing and Molotov cocktails that did not result in severe physical injuries but did indeed raise the level of fear and anxiety.

September 13

Jerusalem: Rock attack on car. Alexander Leviovitz, driver killed

October 1

Near Nabulus in Samaria: Drive by shooting: Rabbi Henkin (31) and wife (30) Naama murdered whilst travelling with their four young children

October 3

Jerusalem: Two killed in stabbing attack near Lions Gate. Aharon Bennet (22) wife and two-year old son wounded. Rabbi Levi killed when came to help the family

October 4

Jerusalem: Moshe Malka (15) stabbed and wounded on his way to prayers at the Western Wall

October 7

Petach Tikva: knife attack one man injured

Gush Etzion: Woman (38) attacked by rocks and attempted lynching

Jerusalem: Man (36) stabbed at Lions Gate

Kiryat Gat: IDF officer stabbed

October 8

Tel Aviv: Female soldiers and 3 others stabbed

Jerusalem: Yeshiva student (25) seriously injured and another man lightly injured in stabbing attack near light rail

Kiryat Arba: Man seriously wounded in stabbing attack

Afula: Soldier wounded in stabbing attack

October 9

Dimona: Jewish youth stabs 4 Palestinians

Afula: Attempted stabbing of soldier at bus station

October 10

Jerusalem: 2 lightly stabbed, 3 policeman injured

October 11

Maale Adumim: Car bomb detonated by female Palestinian driver, policeman injured

Our Mission

The mission of the Israel Trauma Coalition (ITC) is to create a continuum of care in the trauma field, response and preparedness, by leveraging diverse resources to initiate, prioritize, and optimize services.

In the past 13 years  the ITC has proven its effectiveness in partnering with over 60 organizations including government ministries and Home Front Command to ensure a comprehensive view of the trauma field, timely delivery of needed services, resilience building at a personal, community and national level and influencing policy.