The Future of Resilience in Paris – An Interview with Prof. Mooli Lahad

Prof. Mooli Lahad, president of CSPC and member of ITC, went to France in October 2015 as part of a joint effort of ITC-OSE and JDC to create a resilience center in Paris. Following the November 13 terrorist attacks in Paris, a French reporter published this interview Prof. Lahad: “We must not get used to the…

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One Woman’s Resilience Story

This is Moriah. Moriah is the CEO and founder of HaShamayim Hem HaGvul – (an NGO called “The Sky is the Limit”). Her NGO is dedicated to raising the self esteem, education level and sense of efficacy for at-risk youth in order to break the cycle of poverty. They operate programming in Jerusalem’s green line…

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