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Israel Trauma Coalition (ITC) is proud to announce that we've officially been granted Special Consultative Status to the UNITED NATIONS ECONOMICS AND SOCIAL COUNCIL (ECOSOC).

8 Social Initiatives Helping Israelis Cope With Coronavirus And Quarantine

March 24, 2020

The world continues to grapple with the novel coronavirus pandemic, which has spread to every continent since December 2019 when it first emerged in the Chinese city of Wuhan in Hubei province.

Can Israelis cope with coronavirus stress? Experts have an answer

March 16, 2020

“People are shutting themselves off and are lonelier. There are also callers with mental health issues, who have lower stress thresholds and their anxiety is greater,” says one mental health volunteer.

The invisible trauma victims of the Gaza conflict

October 5, 2019

Opinion: When considering the data during a flare-up between the IDF and Palestinian factions, few take into account the tremendous mental health cost of the populace facing constant stress

In Israel, Parkland official thanks US Jews for support after school shooting

October 23, 2018

Speaking at Jewish Federations General Assembly, vice mayor of tragedy-struck city says Jewish community ‘gave us strength’ and ‘taught us how to be resilient’

Israeli trauma experts teach resilience in Houston

February 3, 2018

Mental-health professionals from the Israel Trauma Coalition kick off a series of train-the-trainer sessions for about 65 professionals.

En Israël, les traumatismes de la guerre mieux traités,

November 23, 2015

Le Monde [French]: Recognizing that “sword in hand” is neverending here, Israelis are paying more attention to the psychological toll of trauma.

Trauma Coalition helps families cope in current terror wave

November 9, 2015

Israel 21c – Recent terror wave has seen a new threshold of stress for parents in particular; ITC is providing workshops to help for parents, as well as other populations, including Arabs.

Sirens and resilience on a mission to Israel

August 27, 2014

NJJEWISHNEWS – This is a tourist’s account of regular incoming rockets thwarted by the Iron Dome, with a particular focus on the way shelters were built into the areas where children played in order to prevent disruptions in emotion or lifestyle.

Fighting fear under fire with acts of kindness

July 20, 2014

Israel 21c – The constant barrage of rockets in the summer of 2014 brought out people’s kindness, creating camps for the kids and other activities including ITC’s care for those suffering from trauma.

Israel Trauma Coalition teaches resilience worldwide

February 26, 2014

Israel 21c – ITC travels the world over to bring resiliency training to community leaders in trauma-intense areas, whether terror (Boston Marathon) or natural disaster (Haiti), while developing resiliency centers at home that have proven a model for researchers who come to learn from them.

Drawn together by grief Israeli trauma experts train Boston locals to deal with terror attacks

May 13, 2013

Haaretz – This is a detailed description of how Israeli trauma specialists helped Boston cope after the Boston Marathon, including training local professionals to bring resiliency forward.

After marathon attack Israel Trauma Coalition Director describes ‘miracle’ of inner healing

May 10, 2013

WBUR – WBUR’s interview with Talia Levanon illustrates the message that goes beyond “we know what you’re going through,” and reaches one of recovery: “we know what you’re going through and we’ve come through to the other side.”

Israeli team helps marathon survivors

May 10, 2013

Boston Globe – A Bostonian perspective on the training and support provided by the ITC in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon terror attack provides worldwide context.

Israeli team helps Boston fight back against trauma

May 8, 2013

Times of Israel – Strategies used by ITC in Boston, from artistry to depending upon on community strength and support, foster local recovery.

Israel Trauma Coalition partners with local Jewish federation to help develop ‘recovery process’ for Watertown schools

May 3, 2013

Times of Israel – ITC focuses on promoting resilience in Watertown, the site of the chase to find the Boston Marathon terrorist.

First-hand report: How we are helping Israelis

November 20, 2012

The New York Jewish Week – Americans who were helped by Israelis during Hurricane Sandy go to Israel to offer support in Sderot.

After the tragedy: Helping the Toulouse community

April 3, 2012

The New York Jewish Week – ITC Director Talia Levanon accountsthe ITC’s trip to Toulouse in the aftermath of the terror attack.

Israel Trauma Coalition and UJA Federation of New York: The Journey from Response to Preparedness

September 25, 2010

Journal of Jewish Communal Service, Volume 85, No. 1, Winter 2010 – ITC DirectorTalia Levanon discusses developing trauma resiliency through preparedness.