Establishment and management of ITC Resilience centers

The ITC Resilience Centers are a central address for immediate, multidisciplinary intervention, pro-active emergency preparedness and community rehabilitation.

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Training for professionals and volunteers

ITC offers a variety of trainings and workshops to develop community resilience, emergency preparedness, self-care, emotional first aid, grief and bereavement care and trauma intervention.

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ITC activity in Israel and around the world

In today’s reality, disasters and trauma have become an urgent and universal challenge. For over two decades, ITC has been providing leadership, knowledge and resources where needed.

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About Us

The Israel Trauma Coalition (ITC), was established in 2001 at the initiative of our staunch strategic partner, the UJA Federation of New York. Over the years, it has become the cornerstone in the national response in the treatment of trauma, emergency preparedness and a global resource.
The ITC, together with its partners, established and manages 12 national resilience centers, regional training centers, provides training in clinical and psychosocial rehabilitation – family, individual and community and works to strengthen the resilience of clinical and intervention teams.

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Local authorities


Emergency response


Years of operation


Resilience Centers

Partners in routine and emergency

The Israel Trauma Coalition maintains productive collaborations with approximately 160 local authorities and 40 associations and organizations dealing with emergency response including 12 resilience centers, key government ministries, Home Front Command, the National Emergency Authority, National Insurance Institute, hospitals and health insurance funds. ITC serves as an advisory body to the UN, works with associated organizations, the Council of Europe, World Bank, Jewish federations and others.

What do they say about us?

The southern region has endured a complex security reality in recent years. Professionals, volunteers and
residents alike are subject to a 'shared reality'exposed to an increased risk of burnout

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During routine and in times of emergency, the Israel Trauma Coalition is here for you.

Also available by phone: 02-6722618 and email

Also available by phone:
and email