Regulations for on-line donations

Website for the Israel Trauma Coalition

This website serves as the official platform for the registered non-profit organization, the Israel Trauma Coalition. It facilitates the collection of donations for the organization. Any use of this website, including making donations, implies your agreement to act subject to these regulations and act accordingly.


  1. When making a donation or conducting a transaction using a credit card, the card will be subjected to verification with the credit card company, and the user will promptly receive a response regarding the status of the transaction and whether it was accepted or declined. The payment page is secured using the PCI DSS standard.
  2. All personal information of users is securely stored on a server inaccessible to unauthorized individuals.
  3. The Israel Trauma Coalition offers a convenient and expeditious means for users to donate funds for the association’s purposes, allowing payments via credit card or bank transfer. Upon making a donation, or transaction, a payment confirmation will be sent to the user’s email within one business day.
  4. These regulations are written using masculine language but refer to all genders equally. Singular references also extend to the plural, and vice versa.
  5. Users must not provide false information. Submitting false information constitutes a criminal offense, and individuals engaging in such behavior may be subject to legal, criminal, and civil proceedings.
  6. In the event of a declined transaction by the credit company, the transaction operator will receive an appropriate notification. To finalize the transaction, the operator must establish telephone contact with the association.
  7. The association assumes no responsibility for illegal activities carried out by site users or for factors beyond its control.
  8. Users are exclusively responsible for any data entry errors, and they will bear any consequences arising from such errors. Computer records maintained by the association and/or its clearing company will be prima facie evidence of the data entered by the user.
  9. These regulations are interpreted and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel. Any disputes or actions arising from them shall be resolved in the competent courts, if necessary.

Information Security and Privacy:

  1. The association diligently manages the website, employing accepted precautions to safeguard confidentiality and customer-provided information.
  2. Credit card data transfer on the site/clearing company adheres to the PCI standard, utilizing encrypted communication through SSL technology.
  3. The association ensures the privacy of donors/orders and refrains from retaining user credit card information.
  4. In cases beyond the association’s control or resulting from force majeure, the association disclaims liability for any direct or indirect damages incurred by the client or any party on their behalf due to information loss, unauthorized access, or misuse.
  5. The association commits to using customer details solely for website operations and order execution.
  6. Users acknowledge that the association may be obligated to provide identifying information about users, including company data, IP addresses, call timestamps, and any other relevant information, at its discretion or as required by law or competent authorities, without prior notice or user consent. Users waive any claims against the association in such cases.


  1. The association pledges to allocate donations solely for the realization of the organization’s objectives.
  2. Donations to the association are eligible for tax benefits as per Section 46A of the Income Tax Ordinance.
  3. The association possesses the requisite approvals from tax authorities and the Registrar of Associations for proper management in 2023, as mandated by law.

Donation/Transaction Cancellation Policy:

  1. The transaction operator may contact the association to request changes to billing details or transaction cancellations.
  2. Donation cancellations are permissible within 30 days from the date of donation notification via phone or online donation action, as per the Consumer Protection Law of 1981. The association will execute the necessary modifications in line with the credit company’s prevailing policy. If the credit company imposes a commission for the transaction, the operator of the operation shall bear said commission.
  3. In all cases of cancellation in accordance with the organization’s articles, the association will effect the requisite adjustments in accordance with the prevailing credit company policy. If the credit company imposes a commission for the transaction, the operator of the operation shall bear said commission.
  4. For donation/transaction cancellations, please contact the following email:

Property Rights and Ownership:

The website, information, and services, including but not limited to content, text, graphics, logos, trademarks, service marks, designs, buttons, images, audio clips, digital download materials, databases, copyrighted materials, the tool, including improvements, corrections, changes, updates, and/or upgrades, along with related documentation and all associated intellectual property rights (hereinafter referred to as “Property of the Association “) are not available for sale and remain the exclusive property of the association, both now and in the future. These terms do not confer ownership of association property but rather a limited right of use as outlined above. Any copying, modification, commercial use, reuse, or distribution of association property is strictly prohibited without prior written approval from the association.

Israeli Coalition for Trauma Prevention and Coping, Neve Ilan Media Center, 9085000.


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During routine and in times of emergency, the Israel Trauma Coalition is here for you.

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Also available by phone:
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