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January 25, 2024

ITC update: Operation Iron Swords

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Day 111
Thursday 25.1.23

On Monday, Israel suffered its heaviest loses since the beginning of the ground offensive with 21 IDF reservists killed.

According to initial reports, IDF soldiers were in the process of destroying buildings when two rocket-propelled grenades were fired, the first towards a tank, and two soldiers were killed. The second RPG was fired at one of the buildings that housed explosives, which then detonated. In addition to the fatalities, seven soldiers were injured, two serious, two in moderate, and three in light condition. The disaster occurred as part of the operation to create a one-kilometer-deep “buffer zone” along the length of the Gaza Strip. The attack took place just 600 meters inside the Strip, adjacent to Kibbutz Kissufim, one of the areas from which the terrorists entered Israel on October 7th.

Current conflicting reports are flooding the media and causing tremendous anxiety regarding the prospect of a proposed deal that would see a pause in fighting for two months and to the release of Palestinian prisoners in exchange for the release of all hostages and the bodies of dead Israelis with releases occurring in several stages.

Northern Front: Some 15 rockets were fired at communities in the north close to the border with Lebanon on Tuesday.

ITC on the Ground

Medical team from Sheba hospital, participants in the second round of the program photo provided by ITC.

The ITC resilience trustees program continues to provide training and support to hospital teams including workshops in resilience, self-care, dealing with loss and bereavement, how to work under conditions of extreme uncertainty, delivering bad news and the complexity of working with mixed teams from both Jewish and Arab communities.

Insights from a comprehensive survey of the people from the Sdot Hanegev regional council highlight the importance of ITC’s work in building community resilience.

A comprehensive survey of 1,128 respondents conducted by the Sdot Negev Council in collaboration with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem underscores the significance of providing residents with a platform to voice their opinions and influence decisions pertaining to the return to their homes, educational priorities, and personal security. Emotional health emerged as the top priority as well as enhancing social ties amongst youth, reflecting the community’s concern for maintaining community wellbeing.

The researchers emphasized the importance of listening to the voices of the community and incorporating the collective voice into decision-making and policy formulation. As the circumstances change, it is vital for ITC to keep a finger on the pulse, identify current needs and attitudes and to continue to provide response and support to residents of these devastated communities.

ITC partner Natal

  • To date, since October 7th, NATAL’s Helplines have received over 85% of their total annual calls.
  • NATAL, a partnership with ITC, National Insurance Institute, National Lottery is providing emotional support to survivors of the Nova Music Festival and their families.
  • NATAL’s Clinical Unit has seen patient numbers double since the war began – including new patients, as well as existing patients experiencing an escalation in their symptoms.

Bright Spot

Packaged meals from Druze café Noor bear a sticker that says,

“Together we will win.” Photo courtesy of Noor

Owned by a Druze war widow, Noor restaurant proudly converted its kitchen under rabbinic supervision so it could serve Jewish soldiers and evacuees. After October 7, Hino cooked and delivered meals to her late husband’s reserve unit that had been activated in the area.

She saw that half the solders didn’t eat because the food was not kosher. Refusing to accept that “even one soldier will not touch my food,” Hino said, she decided to try going kosher. “And I did it with pride”. Following outpouring of love and support (especially from the soldiers) Hino decided to become kosher permanently.

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