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October 30, 2023

ITC update: Operation Iron Swords

Day 24

Monday 30.10.23

The hostage number has been updated to 239 by the IDF. This reflects the number of foreign workers among the hostages, as it takes time to reach everyone’s families.

The IDF says it struck over 600 terror targets in the past days in Gaza as ground operations develop.

 Northern Front: IDF struck a cell in southern Lebanon preparing to carry out an anti-tank guided missile attack near the northern community of Avivim. The incident comes amid repeated missile and rocket attacks by the Hezbollah terror group on northern Israel. The IDF said targets included “infrastructure for directing terror, and military infrastructure.” Troops also struck another anti-tank guided missile squad in southern Lebanon and carried out a drone strike on a terror operative flying a drone over the border.

An IDF reserve soldier was killed, and three soldiers injured in a tank accident on the northern border.

Southern Front: An apartment in Netivot in southern Israel was hit by a rocket this morning, as approximately 30-40 rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip toward Israel. Some two additional rocket impacts were reported in the city as well. No injuries were reported.

The Home Front Command regularly reminds the public that they should not exit shelters the moment that the sirens end, as it may take a while for the fragments — often sizable — to fall to the ground.

A large rocket fragment in Rishon Lezion after a barrage was fired at central Israel on October 29, 2023

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Police officer was seriously injured in a stabbing near the Jerusalem light rail on Shivtai Yisrael.

ITC on the Ground

Yesterday’s update mentioned the introduction of Body and Mind workshops in evacuation hotels as part of the expansion of the therapeutic toolbox. The photo on the left shows’ women from Kibbutz Saad, evacuees in the Nevo Hotel, Dead Sea participating in a water therapy workshop this morning. Today’s schedule includes exercise classes, breathing circles, yoga, therapeutic dance and covers a wide range of ages. The goal is to develop and refresh coping resources, to stabilize breathing and physical coping

Bringing ourselves out of our trauma depends on our inner resources — our ability to turn to family, friends, and community for connection, and to return to regular functioning in terms of work and pastimes. These workshops are all part of wider ITC efforts to strengthen individual, family and community resilience in the aftermath of October 7th.

In another example of widening therapeutic options, the ITC Bedouin Resilience Center is currently developing digital games that build resilience. The first game is called Myself and my feelings. The game consists of three stages:

A request to name a feeling (from a variety of proposed emotions)

What is the reason for the emotion? (variety of choices)

What will help me cope? (detailed suggestions)

The goal is to build a landing page with a database of such games and add a game every week.

ITC is currently in the process of training new Resilience Teams to work within several Haredi communities. These teams will be trained to identify psychosocial needs and provide culturally sensitive emotional support, resilience within their respective communities.

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