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The people behind the success

Hagai Topolanski

ITC chairman

The Chairman of the Israeli Coalition for Trauma, Hagai Topolansky is an IDF general (res) who served both as the head of the personnel division and the Air Force. Following his distinguished career and retirement from the IDF, Hagai was appointed CEO of the Airport Authority. In addition, he has served as the Chairman of the Achva Academic College, and as a member of the public council of the Nefesh B'Nefesh organization. Topolansky holds a B.A in economics and accounting from the University of Haifa, and an M.A from the US Air Command and Staff College in Montgomery Alabama. Hagai is married to Roni and the father of four.

Talia Levanon


Ms. Levanon directs all of ITC’s initiatives by building collaborative partnerships that form the foundation of sustainable support for trauma victims both in Israel and abroad. Beginning her career in the IDF as an officer working with bereaved families and wounded soldiers, she then supervised social workers in private practice and worked in the Israeli National Insurance Institute for Treatment and Rehabilitation of Trauma Widows and Widowers. Talia holds an MSW in clinical social work from Bar Ilan University in addition to a degree in Integrative Psychotherapy from Hebrew University. She is fluent in English, French and Hebrew.

Resource Development

Omer Egozi

Resource Development Manager

Mr. Egozi is responsible for ITC’s development and execution of long-term strategic plans to ensure ongoing financial support. He joined the ITC in 2009 after nearly seven years at the Global Forum Foundation where he developed new models for post conflict peace building in third world countries. In addition, Mr. Egozi served under Mr. Shimon Peres, Ms. Zipi Livni and Mr. Roni Milo as a senior projects coordinator in the Ministry for Regional Cooperation. He holds an M.A in Islam and Middle East Studies from the Hebrew University and is fluent in Hebrew, English, Arabic and Italian.

Debra Slonim

International Relations Manager

As the ITC’s Director of International Relations since 2006, Debra is responsible for donor relations and strategic development. Born in the United Kingdom and raised "Down Under," Debra has a B.A and L.L.B. Before finding her true calling in the non-profit sector, she worked for several years as an attorney in both public and private practice, including at the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Over the years, Debra has worked closely with many leading non-profit organizations including the JDC, Variety, and the Jerusalem Foundation where she worked with former mayor Teddy Kollack z"l on special fundraising projects. Additionally, Debra is on the board of multiple non-profit organizations and is active in the field of formal and informal education. Debra is married and the mother of three.

Southern Resilience Centers

Karin Kavitka

Manager of South Region Resilience Centers

Karin holds a bachelor's degree in community social work and a master's degree in consulting and organizational development. She served in the Home Front Command in a variety of roles related to accompanying and preparing local authorities for emergencies. Karin is responsible for managing seven resilience centers in the south. As part of her role, she is responsible for accompanying the managers in the day-to-day management of the centers, budgets, content development and inter-organizational projects. she speaks Hebrew, English and Spanish.

Ibrahim El Atauna

Director of the Bedouin Society Resilience Center

Ibrahim is an educational psychologist with a specialty in couple's family psychotherapy. He is a graduate of multiple courses in the field of trauma and resilience building. He is married and father of three children.

Nadav Peretz

Director of the Shaar HaNegev Resilience Center

Nadav is the Director of the Sha'ar Hanegev Resilience Center. Nadav is a social worker, with an M.A. in administration and public policy, Ben Gurion University. Nadav has15 years of experience in combining education and treatment for community action in the field of resilience and dealing with crisis situations.

Hila Barzeli

Director of the Sderot Resilience Center

Hila is the Director of the Sderot Resilience Center, an organizational consultant, lecturer and group facilitator. She is a mother of 4 sons and lives in Moshav Gani Tal.

Daphne Shenegrasrgs

Director of Ashkelon Resilience Center

Dafna Shengras, Director of the Ashkelon Resilience Center holds a master's degree in rehabilitative social work from the University of Haifa and will soon complete her CBT certificate studies. Prior to her work with the Resilience Center, Daphne established and managed a community center in a Jewish-Arab neighborhood in the city of Haifa and managed the 'Fellows' program for rehabilitation and integration of people with mental disabilities in the community in the southern region. Daphne holds a specialization in conflict facilitation , community building and student guidance.

Sarit Ziv

Director of the Ofakim, Merhavim, Netivot and Bnei Shimon Resilience Center

Sarit Ziv joined the team of the Israeli Trauma Coalition in 2010, managed the regional training center in the south, and the 'Community Leadership in an Emergency' program. In 2022 , together with the ITC she led the establishment of the Resilience Center of Ofakim, Merhavim, Netivot and Bnei Shimon which she manages. residents in South. Before joining the Israel Trauma Coalition , Sarit managed the youth services in Sderot, and she holds a master's degree in public administration from Sapir College.

Sarit Saad

Director of the Eshkol Resilience Centerr

Director of the Eshkol Resilience Center, Sarit has a bachelor's degree in social work and has been managing the Resilience Center since 2022. Sarit previously worked as an attorney in Eshkol's social services department for 7 years during which she gained extensive experience in the field of emergency preparedness.

Ronen Zafarir

Director of the Hof Ashkelon Resilience Center

Director of the Hof Ashkelon Resilience Center,Ronen is a lifeguard, teacher, group leader and organizational consultant. Ronen holds a M.A in Public Policy and Lecturer in youth care at risk.

Maayan Frankel

Director of the Sdot Negev Resilience Center

Judea and Samaria Resilience Centers

Yasmin Shaked

Manager of Judea and Samaria Resilience Centers

Yasmin is the Manager of the Judea and Samaria Resilience Centers, she holds a Bachelor's degree specializing in community social work, Master's degree in clinical psychology specializing in the treatment of trauma and loss.

Michal Ben Shalom

Director of the Gush Etzion Resilience Center

Hana Jacobson

Director of the Hosan Binyamin Center

Hadas Rocham

Director of the Shomron Resilience Center

Hadas is the Director of the Shomron Resilience Center and has a specialization in the field of trauma and crisis intervention. She has Participated in emergency missions around the world and is a workshop facilitator and lecturer on resilience and emergency preparedness.

Hodia Mairowitz

Director of the Hosan Yehuda Center

International Training

Max Goldenberg

Director of International Training Projects

Max joined ITC in 2016, following completion of numerous positions in Home Front Command. Max comes from a background in population preparedness and has extensive experience in cooperation with international partners in humanitarian assistance. Max holds an MA degree in emergency management from the University of Haifa, Israel.

Content and research

Tal Rosin

Content and partnerships manager

Tal is a retired colonel, with 26 years of service, including 20 years of experience in frontline command in the field of emergency preparedness and assessment. Tal has a B.A in administration and public policy and an M.A in administration.

Vered Amitzi

Content and research developer

Vered manages national projects and is a content expert in the areas of personal and community resilience and disaster preparedness. Vered graduated with a B.A and M.A in clinical social work from the universities of Haifa and Jerusalem respectively. She has CBT training for trauma treatment from the Israeli Psychotrauma Treatment Center, EMDR training from the Soldier Center in Clarksville, Tennessee, and a master's degree in emergency and disaster management from Tel Aviv University. In the reserves, she serves as a mental health officer in the national search and rescue unit.

Amir Raisman

Northern Regional Manager

Amir brings over 20 years of experience in organizational development to the ITC. He worked as an officer in the Home Front Command in population behavior management. In addition, Amir worked with MAHUT Israel as an organizational consultant for emergency preparedness and serves as a Home Front Command Officer for Civil Society behavior. Amir is currently pursuing doctoral work in resilience at Tel Aviv University, where he also earned his MA in Organizational Behavior.

Carolina Abergel

Central Regional Manager

Carolina holds a bachelor's degree in sociology and human resources. She served 23 years in Home Front Command, specializing in assessments and emergency management in local authorities. A member of Kibbutz Givat Brenner, she is married and mother of three daughters.

Finance Department

Gila Ben Shitrit

Financial Director

Ms. Ben Shitrit has worked in the field of financial management since 1995, joining ITC in 2011. She is responsible for managing the ITC’s budget, HR and accounts. Ms. Ben Shitrit received her degree in tax advisory from Michlelet Yerushalayim and is currently pursuing continuing education in the field of finance at Michlelet Tamal.

Dikla Mizrahi

Finance and Projects Coordinator

Dikla is responsible for overseeing and coordinating projects, preparation and reviewing of quarterly finance reports. Prior to joining the ITC in 2009, she was an administrative content manager for the Michael Method - an educational project for developing personal skills. She has a BA in social studies with a specialization in Criminology from Bar Ilan University. Dikla is fluent in Hebrew English and Arabic.

Coral Sayrov


Coral Sayrov is the Account Manager for the Israel Trauma Coalition (ITC) responsible for the liaison between suppliers and internal teams to ensure the timely and successful delivery of our solutions and needs. Before joining ITC, she enjoyed extensive experience as an accountant in several leading companies, including Shafir, Deborah Harris Agency and others. Coral is married and a mother to Daniel and Loren.

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