About Us

The Israel Trauma Coalition founded in 2001 at the initiative of the UJA Federation of NY is the cornerstone in the national treatment of trauma and emergency preparedness in Israel and around the world. An organization that provides leadership, and resources before during and after a crisis.


Our mission

From widespread violence to climate related disaster, a secure future is no certainty.
ITC provides a collaborative and holistic approach, combining the expertise we have acquired over the years with the accumulated knowledge and experience of leading organizations and government ministries specializing in dealing with crisis.
This unique approach, contributes to the strengthening of national resilience, optimizes national emergency preparedness and ensures continuity of treatment.

Work model

ITC operates along the timeline continuum, before, during and after emergency, customizing efforts to the needs of the target audiences we serve, including Arab society, Haredi society, immigrants, refugees, persons with disabilities, government and local authorities, professional teams and organizations in the private sector. All while focusing on the heart of our actions – preparing for and dealing with crisis.

Community and society resilience
Leadership and management skills
Individual and family care
Psychosocial skills

We established and manage 12 resilience centers for the GOI, operate regional training centers that provide participants with leadership and emergency management skills and provide organizations with coping resources for the clinical and psychosocial rehabilitation of the community, the family and the individual.


What are we focusing on?

As an Israeli and global knowledge center in the field of emergency response and preparedness, ITC works in close cooperation with social activists, organizations, businesses and local and governmental authorities to develop, instill and encourage psychosocial skills and knowledge, manage emergency situations and provide tools for self-help and burnout prevention.We respond in real time to global crisis, through training missions, supporting local intervention teams and providing tools that assist with community rehabilitation.


Our working principles

During routine we study and research content, enhance work methodology and develop the models based on the knowledge and experience gained in the Israeli reality. This knowledge is used for training within various organizations, who in turn share that knowledge, thereby contributing to the strengthening of their organizational resilience and that of the wider community.

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During routine and in times of emergency, the Israel Trauma Coalition is here for you.

Also available by phone: 02-6722618 and email info@itc-office.org.il

Also available by phone:
and email info@itc-office.org.il